Company Overview

Company Overview

Kormech Technology (KT)

is the optimal choice for MEP, engineering procurement and construction services; as our team of workers and professionals are among the best in the field with an experience more than 10 years through participation in major local and GCC projects demonstrating their professional skills to manage, build, and support a wide variety of challenging  projects to meet clients’ requirements.

Company Focused !


Is to be the pre-eminent provider of the good quality, on time delivery and cost effective of electro-mechanical products and services by employing and supporting motivated, flexiable and focused teams .
Becoming on the top of Egypt electromechanical contractors via our client’s satisfaction and frequent recommendations.


Our goal is to gain our customer’s passion through continuous improvement, which in turn reflected in executing projects on time with expected quality at the
hands of professionals who apply the best practices for faster and more cost-effective solutions.


The Quality System has the full commitment of Management, as our quality policy has been determined with the intention of providing customizable and quality products meet the requirements of the local and even international customers in terms of the better realization of their requirements, optimum solutions to meet those requirements and building systems; ensuring quality at all phases.